MICROSOFT wants to follow Apple’s lead

The Redmond giant does not want to be left behind and struggles to register new all-time highs like its rival Apple. In order to do so, it needs to surpass, with strength and volume, the level of 350 dollars zonal. This target was reached (but not surpassed) during the month of June, a benchmark that must be clearly surpassed at daily closing prices if Microsoft wants to continue its spectacular daily closing prices if Microsoft wants to continue the spectacular upward trend that began at the beginning of the year from the $220 level.

A daily close below 330 dollars zonal would generate a first alarm signal, although it would not be until the loss of 305 dollars zonal when the value would confirm the perforation of the base of its medium-term bullish channel. Should this scenario be confirmed, the $350 zonal level would become a major structural ceiling in the form of a double monthly high.

However, the overcoming of this reference would “open the doors to heaven” for Microsoft since it would trigger its entry into a phase of free ascent. The current projection could take the stock towards $365-370, although a further extension towards $385-390 would not be ruled out.

Supports: 330, 305, 294, 275 dollars
Resistance: $350
Targets: (bullish) 365-370, 390 (bearish) 330, 300, 280, 270, 270, 245 zonal dollars