APPLE at all-time highs

Apple has managed to set a new all-time high above 193 zonal dollars. The sequence of rising lows initiated at the beginning of the year around 125 dollars has allowed it to surpass its previous all-time highs and set a new milestone above 190 dollars. The overcoming, with strength and volume, of the important technical reference above 185 zonal dollars (major triple zonal resistance on a monthly scale) has confirmed its definitive entry into a phase of absolute free ascent.

The next presentation of quarterly results will most likely mark the future of the stock during the second half of the summer. Although the company already put analysts “on the spot” a few weeks ago (stagnation in hardware sales), the forecasts regarding the evolution in the coming quarters will be key for the market.

The range between 180 and 183 dollars, corresponding to its previous range of historical resistance, now zonal support, is now the reference to beat. Its loss would confirm a first sign of trend weakness whose projection could push towards the congestion zone located around $165-170 zonal. A hypothetical loss of this zone would leave Apple’s path practically clear to the primary support located around 145 dollars. For the time being, the closest technical projections to overcome are around 195 and 200 dollars zonal (it is worth remembering that the stock is in a phase of free ascent so it does not present technical resistances)..

Supports: 183, 180, 165-170, 145 dollars.
Resistance: None, in a free upward phase.
Targets: (bullish) 195, 200, 210 (bearish) 180, 165, 145 zonal dollars.